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Harris MedicalTransportation

If you are looking for a provider of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services to take your loved ones to their desired destination around the state of Florida, Harris Medical Transportation is the one you can always trust. We want to provide care and assistance to your loved ones that will allow them to make it to all of their medical appointments or personal agendas.

With our services, you and your loved ones won’t ever need to worry about missing another appointment or social gathering.

Services We Offer

Need help in taking your loved ones to their appointments? You can always count on us. We offer transportation to the facilities below and much more. View More »

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Dialysis Centers

We can get you there safely and without delay.

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Chemotherapy Centers

We make sure patients won’t miss another treatment session.

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Nursing Facilities

We bring your loved ones to their nursing facility.

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Rehabilitation Centers

We’ll help your loved ones make it to all of their sessions.

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Our Mission Statement

To provide safe and hassle-free transportation services to those who may have difficulty driving or going through public transportation.

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  • Palm Beach County
  • CTAA
  • National Safety Council
  • American Heart Association
  • Miami Dade

Our professional drivers are experienced, qualified, and certified on:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Passenger Safety and Sensitivity Certification (PASS)
  • PASS for passengers traveling on Wheelchair or Stretcher certification
  • County Chauffeur ID